Abu Dhabi International

Abu Dhabi International Airport, UAE: Prepared technology portion of the Security Master Plan with the Airport Security Consultant for the entire airport site and developed the aviation physical and electronic security systems requirements. The plan included the existing three terminals and facilities and also the new terminal under construction on this project. This included planning for the security network and communications, access control, intrusion detection and perimeter barriers. This included a dedicated person onsite with rotational staff support to attain owner cost objectives for a year. The teams role was interfacing with Police, airport operations and administration, Construction and Engineering Departments and meeting all UAE and International Standards. A part of the process was to determine the existing circumstances and determine what could be reused or upgraded.

A second phase of the project was to create a Security Integration Plan, which would include existing and new components to allow full system integration, including the owner requirements for both video and security information electronic storage and information security. This incorporated all Security aspects of the airport and will allow users access to all pertinent information based on proper clearances. The proposed budget of nearly $100M was presented with system augmentation recommendations and phased implementation and testing plans to correspond with the overall airport construction plan and schedule.


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