The Art Institute of Chicago,

Schools of the Art Institute of Chicago


Inclusive of the original structure and Allerton Library, originally constructed for the 1892 Worlds’ Columbian Exposition (Daniel Burnham, director of Works, et. al.) as well as the rest of the Museum and School. These projects started as a Strategic Planning and Master Planning Program for Information Technology (IT) and Network Strategic and Master Planning for both the Museum and its number one rated art college; The School of the Art Institute (SAIC).  At the beginning of the project, Policy Level management meetings brought forward several major needs and goals that needed to be addressed in our work:

The aspects delivered were:

A separate project was developed to award sole source for a similar study for selected aspects of security for the Museums’ collection assets. All network architectures were planned and upgraded.    We supported the office of the CFO, Trustees of the Museum, and the Park District of the City of Chicago.

Similar projects include design support the implementation team of the J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, The University of Chicago and college campuses, and eight school districts.

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