Chicago Public Schools (CPS): Ryerson Public School

With its 1888, 1913, and 1938 renovations, to add the technology, design, building code and construction sequencing issues had to be addressed and overcome successfully. Technology infrastructure, network, and Audio Visual design, bid support and constriction management were accomplished. Difficulties ranged from budgetary deadline issues to 'in place materials' challenges, but were worked though with the Bureau of Architecture. 

The project caught the interest of CPS School Board Members due the projects on time and on budget performance, and the facilities adaptive use to train the parents of students on Personal Computer use in this economically challenged neighborhood. This successful first implementation site was later turned into the technical training center for the Chicago Public Schools.  Subsequent Master Technology Standards for all 610 Chicago Public schools were derived from this project. We served the Bureau of Architecture, Board of Education of the City of Chicago .



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