Chrysler Center

This 1928 Art Deco architectural masterpiece is considered one of the finest tenant spaces in the world. The design challenge and successful results that were attained required us to:

 Design the improvements, plan for both the long-term technology needs of the site, and the implementation program for radical technology update in this world-class architectural site.

 Integrate the systems we supported in design into the electrical construction program and schedule.

 Provide for these new tenant services while making sure construction did not interrupt the continuous operations of serving world-class tenants that varied as widely from the American Advertising Association to the Embassy for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For this 72 story building and its 32 story adjacent structure, ITC provided support for the owners and engineer of record for design development, construction documents, budgets, and support of integration into the electrical construction program. The technical focus was the secure communications risers and related network electronics for data, wireless, building management, alternate access, tenant special systems requirements and security use, with redesign, relocation, and cut over planning of technical equipment rooms including the main active electronics networks. A #5 ESS central telephone exchange, its related networks, and wireless architectures were also supported for a five building network provided by a Competitive Local Exchange Network. Work supported the owners’ architectural and engineering design team on this historic preservation and renovation program



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