Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT):

Technical support of IIT ‘s new McCormick Tribune Campus Center of about 100,000 square feet and State Street Village Complex for residential housing of about 400 Graduate Students. The project designs were by two for of the worlds leading architects: Demarks’ Rem Koolhaus and Chicago ’s own Helmut Jahn.  The campus setting is a USA top American Institute of Architects (AIA) rated site with significant need to maintain original design integrity.  IIT had been master planned and impacted by the addition of twenty buildings in a thirty-year period, all done by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Skidmore Owning and Merrill. Also impacting the site were related “National Architectural Site” rated buildings with related implications on technical design. Although the design teams were on balance working well, the project challenges were multiple:


To compress time frames, a plan with parallel efforts was agreed to, and completed cooperatively. The College Departments agreed to address issues and ITC would serve as the technical resource to give the parties clarity and arrive at consensus based decisions time effectively.

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