Industrial Facilities

Union Pacific Railroad:  Design analysis and solution of computer sensor overload and timing problems associated with rolling stock and rail cars.  

Benjamin and Associates:  Chicago Underground and Tunnel Projects, including Chicago Transit Authority and off shore work, with design and technical consulting on communications and radio infrastructures for rugged environment installations.

Chrysler Corporate Research Center:  Design development and design support to the consultant of record for this project of 2.6 million sq. ft. Support included defining the architectural and communications needs-issues and the design of a raised floor distribution system for over 10,000 work locations for total owner flexibility.  The design provided allowed for multiple technologies to use the same universal wiring platform and infrastructures for facility wide universal connectivity and industrial component placement flexibility.

Continental Cable Vision: Consulting for 60 route miles of construction through suburban Chicago, including testing, estimates, bid specifications and installation considerations for both aerial and buried fiber optic network.

Motorola:  Schematic and design development, functional needs product statements and new materials development based on owner requirements, and bid specification development for the mixed use cellular factory/office space facility in Libertyville, Illinois with over 6400 work locations and 1.4 million sq. ft. of space with one other AT&T team member in support of the Motorola Corporate Global Standards Committee and the Motorola Corporate Global Standards Committee and the Motorola Corporate Media Performance Testing Laboratories.  Design development was for all information infrastructures, including fiber optic and other communications cables, closet and main equipment room designs, cross connects, outlets and acceptance criteria for design and bid phase.  Wrote recommendations for media specifications additions which were added to both the Corporate Data Communications Specifications and Corporate Universal Wiring Standards for all 4000 company sites.

South Saint Paul Union Stockyards:  Design development of the shared communications systems and project management of the relocation of 31 companies for all their telephone, financial market systems, data communications and summations project of outside plant recabling, public address system replacement coordination, and shared use PBX implementation on this 70 acre indoor-outdoor project site of the world's largest stockyards.

Teleport:  Design development of main fiber optics and electronics distribution bays that connect 150 downtown buildings in Chicago's central network hub location in support of the owners engineering staff.

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