ITC has a long history in supporting different Healthcare Clients in management consulting and in the planning & design of published standards & best practice based data & communications networks and infrastructures of 12 major healthcare facilities.  These clients include Johns Hopkins Medical, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Walter Reed, and The University of California Healthcare System amongst others.  Due to liability reasons, ITC has always chosen not to engage in the design of clinical or medical systems in these environments.  Also, in spite of its strong references and experience in standards based technology designs, ITC in its support of healthcare chooses only to act on a “best efforts” basis, acting only in management consulting or advisory roles rather than needing to incur the additional overhead, especially in the litigious United States market place, associated in serving these markets due to required investments for Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance.  

One of the tremendous ironies and opportunities of our rapidly increasingly digital world is that medical imaging—while undergoing incredible technology changes such as CT, MR, US, CR, DR and PET in the last two decades—remains practically unchanged in the essential management of radiographic images over the last 100 years. The opportunity we now have to change this paradigm is to offer the promise of making any medical image available at any time, and anywhere. We can now replace the constant shuffling of films from Radiology throughout the hospital, and back to Radiology archive, with a seamless and instantaneous availability of images throughout the enterprise. The opportunity to deliver this universal image availability through PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) has been marked in the past as expensive, problematic, and unreliable, but the same revolution in Information Technology that has over the last few years eliminated these issues in our offices and homes has also forever changed medical imaging. Web technology, the tremendous improvements in desktop computer capability, and the almost ubiquitous network connectivity now available within modern hospital environments allows us to expect—rather than just hope—for universal access to medical imaging.

 ITC Team -The consulting team of ITC represents some of the principal developers and authorities in these areas of medical technology. Areas as diverse as Computed Radiography, PACS, the DICOM and HL7 protocols, Radiology Operations, Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and integrated hospital-based Informatics. Collectively this team represents over 43 years of direct operational experience in Radiographic and Informatics Technology deployment. Other more traditional consulting experience is resented other specialized wireless and nurse call projects as well as by more than 14 past technical infrastructure consulting projects as shown in the team’s related credentials and matrixes.  

 Individual team contributions as well as shared team experience are best seen at high level and are reviewed separately on the MEDIAL PROJECT MATRIXES that show both skills sets and team projects.  Individual project references for all team members and lists of published work, especially in IHC, DICOM and PACs Standards areas, are specifically provided on request for those interested in more scientific and clinical detail for:

 Dr. David Cluney MD, (11 pages of listed published works available on request),

Dan Valentino PhD, (5 pages of published works available on request)

Anthony Seibert PhD (4 pages of published works available on request) 

 Architectural, Engineering, Network Informatics and Wireless Projects in Medicine and in other Industries related to support of medical projects for teams for Craig Aamodt, G W Brown and Skip Kennedy are available by request.   

Strategic Projects                Special Systems Support or Traditional Architectural and Engineering


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